A Mind, Body, and Spirit Approach to Weight Loss

Are you tired of weight-loss books that offer grandiose philosophies but very little in the way of concrete advice? Are you equally uninterested in overly practical books that offer little motivation or encouragement? Do you crave a weight-loss method centered on lifelong wellness?

If you’ve been looking for a guide to weight loss that both directs your journey and encourages its long-term sustainability, look no further than The Natural Weigh. This book provides the perfect blend of practicality and encouragement for anyone on a weight-loss journey.

In this alternative guide to weight loss, Vanessa Allen, MD, offers a sustainable program that incorporates nutrition, exercise, and spirituality to foster not just short-term weight loss but also lifelong wellness.

  • Ways to identify what foods are linked to weight gain
  • Sample grocery lists, meal plans, and recipes
  • order nowRelaxation techniques to relieve the stress that could be adversely affecting your progress
  • Spiritual motivation to help you maintain your weight-loss goals

Book Reviews

“This book has helped me to realize the importance of planning meals. I love the recipes and planned shopping list. Also I am a big believer in detoxing and this book has excellent suggestion.”

-- Lisa

“I plan on putting together my sistah group from work and my spouse for support. Great information. I love my Dr. Allen!! I will write another review once we complete with the results.”

-- 40th Celebration

“This is a great book with good recipes. Dr. Allen is a caring and compassionate doctor, who cares about her patients.”

-- Church Lady

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